The New Jaguar Lineup

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  • Jaguar 2022 F-TYPE
    starting at $89,545
    Jaguar F-TYPE 2022
  • Jaguar 2022 I-PACE
    starting at $102,145
    Jaguar I-PACE 2022
  • Jaguar 2022 E-PACE
    starting at $54,845
    Jaguar E-PACE 2022
  • Jaguar 2022 F-PACE
    starting at $63,945
    3 in stock!
    Jaguar F-PACE 2022
  • Jaguar 2022 XF
    starting at $64,145
    Jaguar XF 2022
  • Jaguar 2023 F-TYPE
    starting at $92,195
    8 in stock!
    Jaguar F-TYPE 2023
  • Jaguar 2023 I-PACE
    starting at $105,145
    1 in stock!
    Jaguar I-PACE 2023
  • Jaguar 2023 F-PACE
    starting at $66,245
    12 in stock!
    Jaguar F-PACE 2023
  • Jaguar 2023 E-PACE
    starting at $56,345
    Jaguar E-PACE 2023
  • Jaguar 2023 XF
    starting at $66,545
    Jaguar XF 2023

JAGUAR EDMONTON | Jaguar Dealership in Edmonton

At Jaguar Edmonton, we are here to help you change your driving experience from the moment you decide to buy. Getting behind the wheel of one of our vehicles takes driving to a whole new level, and you will be transported into a world of luxury and power as you drive down Edmonton's roads. The Jaguar vehicle lineup includes vehicles for every want and need, and lets you choose from sedans, SUVs and sports cars in Edmonton. The F-TYPE is a powerful sports car that takes distinction to a whole new level, not only is it recognizable, but it is effortless in a way only a Jaguar can be. While the Jaguar F-PACE is the luxury performance SUV that takes on the road in front of you.

The Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program gets you into the vehicle you crave, for less than you could have dreamed. Even at the lower price point, there are so many benefits to choosing certified pre-owned that you will always have peace of mind. Jaguar Certified Pre-owned vehicles in Edmonton must pass a rigorous 165 point checklist to make sure that it passes the mechanical, electrical and quality standards of this Jaguar program. You also get a limited warranty that is added on top of the new vehicle warranty. This warranty is also fully transferable if you decide to sell your certified pre-owned vehicle one day. At Jaguar Edmonton we offer a wide range of Jaguar certified pre-owned vehicles.

Walking through the doors of Jaguar Edmonton is as luxurious as getting behind the wheel of a red-hot F-TYPE. The feeling of opening the door and walking into our exquisite showroom will excite you. There is no better feeling than seeing yourself on the driver's side of the luxury vehicle you want to drive. Our team at Jaguar Edmonton will help you find the vehicle that will fit your lifestyle, and are committed to an exceptional customer experience and journey. Your Jaguar buying experience should be of the same calibre as the vehicle itself, so trust Jaguar Edmonton.

At Jaguar Edmonton, we are proud to be a member of the Go Auto Group, an industry leader automotive company. This means that we can offer you even more benefits than the exceptional service, first-class customer service, concierge service and everything you would expect from buying from a luxury dealership. We also are happy to offer you $500 referrals every time you recommend someone to Jaguar Edmonton, and 10% off parts and service spending. We also offer in-house financing and will work with you to have a great experience every time you visit our Edmonton dealership.


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