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Tim Satanove

Tim Satanove | Vice President

Tim worked his way through the ranks over 15+ years as a salesman, business

manager, sales manager, general sales manager, general manager, and now vice

president. Fueled by a true passion for automotive retail and customer service,

Tim’s success can be attributed to an unequaled work ethic and a knack for

building teams that carry out his vision.


Maurice St. Arnault

Maurice St. Arnault | General Manager

Chad Conlon

Chad Conlon | Sales Manager

Sarra Othman

Sarra Othman | Service Manager

Glenn Cook

Glenn Cook | Parts Manager

Maya Jaber

Maya Jaber | Finance Director

Kristina Cole

Kristina Cole | Finance Director

Jeff Kruse

Jeff Kruse | Finance Director

Nic D. DiGuseppe

Nic D. DiGuseppe | Internet Sales Manager

Shawn Ward

Shawn Ward | Sales Associate

Son Ta

Son Ta | Sales Associate

Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan | Sales Associate

Brian Cuffe

Brian Cuffe | Sales Associate

Tom Greatrex

Tom Greatrex | Sales Associate

Mitchell Smith

Mitchell Smith | Internet Sales

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall | Sales Associate